Blogging should become part of your marketing strategy no matter what’s the type, size or mentality of your hotel brand. In today’s digital landscape there is no room for questioning the importance of running a blog on your website. In fact, blogging is of fundamental importance to the process of making your website stand out from competition. Given the rise and the importance of web content, a corporate blog can act as your ace, not only in building a strong brand identity but also in boosting your sales. However, because of its proliferation, blogging has now become a profession, meaning that many hoteliers might be scared of taking the responsibility and to be honest, it would be much better if you didn’t. You should better try outsourcing your blogging needs and let a professional do it for you. But before we reach that point, let me share the main advantages with you.


I could also call this visibility or, maybe, traffic. It doesn’t really matter as the ultimate goal is to make your hotel famous and attract visitors to your website. If you don’t succeed in that task then your potential guests will never visit your premises. So, how does a blog increase traffic? First and foremost, it adds new, fresh content to your website. That translates to better ranking on search engines. In other words, blogging improves and facilitates your SEO techniques. Search engines favor websites with updated content and so do travelers. Since it is not possible to frequently update your website copy, your blog posts will do. Also, every blog post you add to your website will instantly become your copy for social media. That means that you improve your presence on these networks as well, as you will have interesting, valuable content to share.


As today’s consumers, be it travelers or not, are increasingly demanding and seize for engagement and personalization, you have to make sure that you focus on building strong relationships with them. To do so, you need to show your hotel’s human nature, you have to focus on communication and engagement. If you want to increase guest retention and loyalty then you have to show that you know your audience’s questions and dilemmas. You have to solve their problems before even being asked to. Also, you have to prove your audience that you are not trying to sell through your blog, as you would through an online ad for example, but to disseminate information. Another advantage that falls into this category is that you can make yourself more descriptive and explanatory. For example, you might describe the basics of your location through your main menu but you cannot describe every single event, festival or anything that might interest a tourist.


The aforementioned paragraphs could easily fall into profit as well. However, the essence of blogging is to be able to distinguish its value and separate it from traditional selling techniques. However, that does not mean that your blog cannot act as a great sales and marketing associate. Actually, if you do it properly, it can generate valuable leads and convert much better than outdated techniques. It allows you to add in your copy stuff that will promote your hotel without making it obvious to the reader. Moreover, your blog will act as a very successful booster of your marketing efforts as you can add to other means you are using while, at the same time, improving your content marketing which is nowadays one of the most profitable business “tools”. All in all, the only outcome a blog can produce regarding your profitability is to increase it.

There are of course many more advantages when it comes to hotel blogging and I am pretty sure that as it is getting increasingly popular, more of them will arise. But, as I said at the beginning, blogging require a lot of time and effort so you’d better hire a professional. You could start by contacting of our professional bloggers that can take over your blog and promote your hotel like never before.