Content Marketing

Content marketing

Travelers are smart, but so are we. That’s why we have already placed all our strength and focus on content. And since content is not a static value

and content marketing needs a lot of research, learning and improving, we are doing are best to get to know first the latest trends and values. Why is that? Because we know how demanding content marketing is and we want to offer you the best content marketing services. After all, we aim to please.

Starting from scratch…

I would like to share with you a sentence from Content Marketing Institute that best describes today’s discussion. “Smart marketers understand that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute and that there has to be a better way”. Of course there is a better way and it’s called content. Nowadays, consumers (be it travelers or stamp collectors) are way too aware of traditional marketing and selling techniques and they avoid these messages like the plague. Therefore, every sincere marketer should switch to new ways of attracting customers and one of the most effective ones is content. Not any kind of content but quality, interesting, valuable, fresh content. And that’s the most distinctive characteristic of this marketing technique: the qualities of the content.

Many forms, one value!

Although content marketing can take many forms, there is only one value that lies beneath it: quality. Starting from your hotel’s most important communication and sales channel, the website, if content marketing was a person, it would urge you to instantly update your copy and visuals so as to increase its quality. You have to avoid everything that would fall into the sales basket and focus on your website visitor. The traveler visits your hotel website to find useful and relevant information about it. For example, don’t tell him that you are the best property in town but explain the reasons that put you in that position. Another effective way to attract more guests to your property through the power of content on your website is running a blog. Although it sounds time consuming, it can have a great effect on your marketing efforts.

An additional form of marketing that is strongly affected by content is social media marketing. No matter how much effort and time you spent on promoting your hotel via the most popular social platforms, if you are not offering quality content and you are not in the position to attract and engage visitors, then all your efforts will hit the wall. In fact, behind every social media plan you should have a carefully studied content marketing strategy. Be it copy or visuals, you should always remember the level of today’s traveler’s intelligence.

Then comes the search. Whether it is about SEO or PPC, content should always come first. In the first case, if there is no quality content on your web pages, your hotel has the slightest of chances to get good rankings on search results. In the second case, even if you might think that there is no need for quality since you are already paying to get the much wanted first positions, that is not true. The potential guest clicks on an ad to get more information. If this information is either irrelevant or of zero quality then you have just wasted part of your marketing budget.

Last but not least, your online PR efforts should also shift to content marketing basics. Quality content that offers value to the customer and that, most of all, cares about their needs, requests or demands should be part of both your planning and implementation stages. Strictly speaking, you should no longer speak on behalf of your hotel’s brand but for your customer’s benefit. You should make sure that you prove him 24/7 that you value him and that he comes first, no matter what.

To conclude, content marketing surely sounds demanding and, to be honest, it is. The good news, though, is that you can adopt it without spending a minute from your day. Talk to our expert team today and get ahead of competition in no time.